Bratislava Pub Crawl

Bratislava’s Backpacker Nightlife Tour

Divided we fall, United we crawl!!


Pub Crawls now running 2 Nights a week
(Tuesday & Saturday)

Also running this Friday 4th Nov



Whether you’re flying solo or already got a crew together, expect to meet heaps of friendly backpackers, locals & internationals as we hitup Bratislava’s best nightspots.

We’ll also be getting into the Olympic Spirit all August with Chilled FREE brews, sweet tunes & all our favourite synchronised swimmers up on the big screen. 9:30pm every night you’re feeling social & thirsty


What 13 euros get you…

  • FREE Unlimited Beer for 1 hour 9:30pm – 10:30pm. Cold from the tap, not warm from the supermarket

  • FREE Welcome Shot at our 4 clubs. At Rock OK we give a choice between mixed or straight

  • FREE ENTRY to Every bar & club we go to (Check out where we go)

  • FREE Bonus Vodka/Red Bull shots…because we can & we love you

  • Friendly guides, a fun international crowd & a guaranteed departure


    Join us at 9:30pm Rock Ok, Tickets on sale from 9:30pm – 10:45pm 


Come meet some new traveling buddies & party at Bratislava’s cheap, friendly & cool nightspots.